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XR8 Plus Combo G2S ESC + 4268 G3 Motor (2000kv)

XR8 Plus Combo G2S ESC + 4268 G3 Motor (2000kv)

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Efficient heat dissipation system with lower temperature rise:
The frameless fan design is a patented technology. The rapid transmission of internal heat is made possible by high airflow from the fan and a copper thermal conduction sink on the internal power plate. These are built into high-reliabile thermal systems to ensure good protection.

Durable frameless fan:
The frameless fan blades use a special material, and are extremely hard and reliable. This greatly reduces the likelyhood of damage to the fan blades caused by the impact of small stones, sand, and other foreign objects. The failure rate of the fan is greatly reduced compared with traditional fans.

1/8th power system, Boost & Turbo Timing Technology:
This ESC, paired with a Hobbywing motor, utilizes Turbo Timing technology, which has been proven to be successful in 1/8th On-Road racing. It supports 48 degrees Boost and Turbo Timing. When paired with Hobbywing 4268/4274 G3 motors, the max. speed can be boosted by 50%, easily overpowering your rivals!

Internal Battery-Reverse Polarity Protection Circuit:
With the Built-in Reverse Voltage Protection circuit, ESC's internal parts are all protected from reverse polarity connections.

RPM speed limit function:
The ESC is able to support up to 6 different speed (RPM) selections to meet the needs and demands of various competitions. It can be programmed using the latest OTA Bluetooth module or the traditional 3 in1 program box (sold separately).

Programming / Upgrading / Data reading wirelessly:
With Hobbywing's OTA module and smartphone (with the HOBBYWING HW Link App installed), the user can program parameters, upgrade firmware, and check relevant data from the ESC

Multiple Programmable Items:
The ESC contains nearly 30 adjustable parameters, including Throttle PWM Frequency, Brake Frequency, Softening Value / Range, and Boost / Turbo Timing, which are commonly used in 1/10th XR10 Pro series brushless ESCs. It can accurately adjust the power settings to suit any driving style and track surface. Parameters are optimized for top-level competition applications.
Note: Use appropriate settings provided by the factory or team drivers. Check operating temperature in order to maximize your electronics. The wrong settings may damage the ESC/motor!

Capacitor Thermal Protection:
Capacitor thermal protection implemented by the ESC will effectively prevent capacitors from exploding, causing irreversible damage to the ESC due to overload.

Super Internal BEC:
The built-in switch mode BEC, with a maximum output of 15A and adjustable voltage (6V to 8.4V in steps of 0.1V) allows the use of various standard and high voltage servos.

Excellent dustproof performance:
The IP5X rating ensures excellent dustproof performance for various On-Road & Off-Road conditions.

Custom ultra-soft 11AWG silicone wire:
Ultra-soft 11AWG silicone wire is specially chosen for this product. The wire is ultra-flexible and low in resistance, making it the perfect combination to for your electronics.

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