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Ultraman Suit Taro (Action Ver.) "Ultraman"

Ultraman Suit Taro (Action Ver.) "Ultraman"

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From the anime ULTRAMAN, ULTRAMAN SUIT TARO -ACTION- burns his way onto the Figure-Rise Standard collection and is now available!

  • Specium Lancer x 1
  • Flame effect parts x 2 types
  • Joint parts for flame effects x 1 set
  • Parts for built-in LED x 1
  • Hand parts: Gripping hands (left and right), expression hands (left and right), weapon holders (Right)
  • Figure-rise Effect pedestal x 1
  • Seal x 1
  • Marking sticker x 1

  • Multiple ball joints in the chest and lower back ensure a large range of motion that allows you to make cool, dynamic poses!
  • Flame effect parts are included and can be used to recreate Ultraman's signature appearance with flames ejecting from his wrists and head.
  • Abdominal parts can be selected from two types: a movable type and an LED equipped type (sold separately).
  • Plastic model original weapon Specium Lancer is included.
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