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Skywalker 2826SL Motor, 850KV

Skywalker 2826SL Motor, 850KV

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  • The 2814, 2820, and 2826 fixed wing motors are newly designed with a high maximum pulling force of 4785g (2826 540KV, 22.2V, 14x6E paddles). These motors are ideal for 800-2300g 3D stunt fixed wings, gliders, sports fixed wings, and other applications where a strong pulling force is needed.
  • Utilizing a large hollow design and self-dissipating structure, the top cover effectively increases the motor's heat dissipation capacity, resulting in a longer lifespan for the motor.
  • This motor features advanced production and assembly techniques, including high-quality bearings and precise CNC machining, resulting in a remarkably low rotor dynamic balance. The result is reduced motor vibration and a smoother, more stable operation.
  • Top branded JNEH1200 silicon steel sheet, 0.2mm thick material, provides lower iron loss. N48 strong magnetic arc magnetic steel design provides maximum torque output for the motor. 180 high temperature resistant enameled wire, enhances the high temperature resistance of the stator coil. Silicone wire outlet, which is softer and easier to route than the traditional straight outlet silicone wire.

  • Recommended Battery: 3-4S LiPo
  • No-Load Current: 2.55A / 14.8V
  • Maximum Continuous Current: 69A / 2min 11s
  • Maximum Continuous Power: 1006.5W / 1min 49s
  • Motor Size: D-35.1*66mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm
  • Clip Mounting Hole Thread: 15mm-3*M2.5
  • Base Thread: D-19mm-2*M3 / D-25mm-2*M3
  • Motor Weight: 176.2g
  • Recommended ESC: Skywalker-V2 80A
  • Propeller: 4S: 12x6E/13x6.5E / 3S: 14x6E/15x6E/15x8E
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