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Sidewinder 4 Sensorless ESC Edition w/1412-2100 5mm Shaft

Sidewinder 4 Sensorless ESC Edition w/1412-2100 5mm Shaft

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While the SIDEWINDER 4 builds upon Castle's most popular platform, the SIDEWINDER 1:10 SCALE SERIES, it is the first of its kind to run their newest technology, CRYO-DRIVE. CRYO-DRIVE combines technology from cutting-edge hardware and software advancements to increase thermal performance. COOLER TEMPS mean LONGER RUNS and MORE POWER in your SIDEWINDER 4 setup.

This combo includes a Sidewinder 4 ESC and 1412-2100 5mm shaft sensored motor. The 1412-2100 is ideal for 2WD and 4x4 Short Course Trucks, 1/10th Monster Trucks, and Rock Racers.

The SIDEWINDER 4 is a versatile ESC and is accepted in a wide variety of applications. Whether throwing dirt, ripping through a corner or steadily dominating the trails, they've got you covered!

  • 060-0095-00 CASTLE 1412 5mm SHAFT SENSORED MOTOR - 2100KV
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1/10th scale gearing chart
  • Decal sheet

  • Input Voltage Range for 1412-2100 5MM KV Combo: 2s-3s LiPo
  • SENSORLESS and BRUSHED Running Modes
  • 5.0 VOLTS FIXED, 2AMP internal BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit)
  • CRYO-DRIVE Technology minimizes the amount of time the ESC's electrical components spend generating heat, resulting in improved thermal performance during partial throttle operation where the majority of driving occurs.
  • ESC is housed in a durable injection molded case and potted in WATERPROOF epoxy to protect the electronics and promote efficient heat transfer.
  • 30mm removable fa
  • Compatible with S.BUS2 Telemetry Link and Futaba T4PX, T7PX and T7PXR transmitters
  • AUDIBLE ALERTS for easy diagnosis of common issues such as motor-over-temperature and low-voltage cutoff.
  • Enhanced drag brake functionality
  • Smoother sensorless startups.
  • Convenient TRANSMITTER PROGRAMMING for six common adjustable settings, including cutoff voltage and drag brake.
  • Additional settings and software updates available via Windows-based Castle Link software and USB adapter (sold separately)
  • Optional smartphone-based programming with the B-LINK BLUETOOTH ADAPTER (sold separately) and Castle Link App available on Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Backed by Castle Creations' 1-YEAR WARRANTY
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