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Powerhobby Raptor XL Belted Tires / Viper Wheels (2)

Powerhobby Raptor XL Belted Tires / Viper Wheels (2)

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Micro Fiber Tech (MFT) is a new innovation and technology which combines a unique woven belt and a special adhesive formula that perfectly bonds within the carcass of the tires. Therefore, its quality is retained over the entire lifetime of the product.

During driving, MFT belted technology effectively reduces and limits the rate of distortion and deformation of the tire, which provides a much more stable and a pleasant driving experience - especially at the high speeds that today's RC cars are capable of achieving! MFT belted technology not only enhances the durability of the tire but also provides ultimate performance, traction and grip.

Featuers :
Perfect fit for Traxxas X-Maxx 8S
Reduced weight
Increased stability and more even contact with the road surface
More grip, longer tire life and reliability
Reduced tire ballooning at high speeds

Includes : 2 Mounted Tires

8.5 X 4.3 X 5.6
Weight : 1.73 LBS ( EACH )

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