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J Concepts

Fling Kings, Gold Compound, Fits 2.6 x 3.8" 3414 / 3423

Fling Kings, Gold Compound, Fits 2.6 x 3.8" 3414 / 3423

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1/8 Fling Kings Monster Truck Tires with Inserts, Gold Compound (2)


The gnarliest off-road tire is now available for monster trucks. The Fling King created for its popularity in the mud racing game makes an incredibly good tire for the large trucks. In the land of the Megas and Monsters, there is nothing better than a fresh set of deep tread tractor tires. One of the aliases of the mud tires, “Rice and Cane,” refer to the purpose or landscape they were originally designed for within the farming and agriculture industry. The Fling Kings by JConcepts are the first monster truck mud tire, specifically designed to throw mud, dirt, gravel, and grass just like the real thing.

The giant-sized tires are tall enough to dance through the deepest RC loam, however, it’s the tall lugs that separate them from the rest. The 1:1 tire were hand-cut to produce the most wicked looking tires on the block. The JConcepts tires are uniquely built to replicate a hand-cut set, however, deep tread remains to do the “mega” land damage the drivers and enthusiasts crave. Inside the tire, reinforcement ribs have been added to the outer sidewall to help stabilize the carcass against the wheel.

One of the most impressive details about the Fling Kings, they are designed for the JConcepts JCO3414 2.6” x 3.8” wheel, making them even more scale in monster truck appearance. No details were spared on these mud runners, the V-type tread is replicated to a T and the top of the tread carries a slight recess adding a little touch of depth to the appearance. Off to the side, the tire lettering hits hard with retro style JConcepts lettering, Fling King logo and crown with #3084-part number for easy identification.

The medium-soft "yellow" compound which is recommended for dirt, grass, and asphalt feels noticeably mushy and sticky and has expanding characteristics and tend to “pizza cutter” during flat out high-speed runs. The "gold" compound feels snappier to the touch, excels on polished or hard surfaces, and expands less during high speeds. Fling King tires are complete and include open cell "React" inserts to support the grippy tires.


  • Monster sizing and design inspiration

  • Tire measures - ~3.82” W x 6.35”H

  • V-style tread with replicated “hand-cutting”

  • Single contour carcass with 2.6” x 3.8” mounting bead

  • Impactful tire lettering with retro JConcepts logo

  • Available in "medium-soft" yellow and “medium” gold compounds

  • Includes “React” open cell inserts

  • Mega style and performance

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