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Dukemon / Gallantmon "Digimon" Bandai Spirits Hobby Figure

Dukemon / Gallantmon "Digimon" Bandai Spirits Hobby Figure

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From Digimon Tamers, the holy knight type Digimon, Dukemon, has been made into a three-dimensional figure with a design and proportions that conform to the anime!

  • Holy Spear Gram x 1
  • Holy Shield Aegis x 1
  • Pedestal for Holy Shield Aegis x 1
  • Cloak x 1
  • Seal x 1

  • Enjoy assembling Dukemon as you see them come to life from the digital realm in full color! No painting required!
  • The joint parts have a wide range of movement that allows you to recreate action poses similar to the movie!
  • A silver molding color is used for the weapons, expressing the same texture as in the show; and Dukemon's cloak is made from a cloth material.
  • The attention to detail is truly special, even the engraved digital characters on the Holy Shield Aegis have been replicated.
  • In addition to the hand parts, a pedestal to hold the Holy Shield Aegis is also included.
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