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Team Associated

Team Associated - Reedy Sonic 540.DR Brushless Motor, 3.5

Team Associated - Reedy Sonic 540.DR Brushless Motor, 3.5

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Reedy Sonic 540-DR Brushless Motor 3.5

Externally, the 540.DR looks much like its cousin, the 540-M4. But the heart of the motor is where the major changes can be found!

Sonic 540.DR Motor

A new stator with an updated profile, thicker laminations, and unique material has been crafted specifically for the requirements of drag racing. Ample torque off the line with heavy pull through the pass improve ET and consistency.

A balanced, high-strength 13.5mm rotor suspended between precision ball bearings provides powerful performance pass after pass. To fine-tune for varying track conditions and surfaces, a variety of optional rotors are coming soon!

Like all Reedy motors, the latest brushless motor technology along with the engineering experience that is responsible for 30 World Championship titles has been incorporated into its design. Several versions are available to suit various tuning requirements and track conditions.


  • CNC Machined Lightweight Can

  • Drag Racing Specific Stator

  • Low-Resistance, Silver Plated Solder Tabs

  • Optimized Air Cooling

  • Dual precision Ball Bearings

  • Drag Racing Specific Balanced Rotor

  • High-Strength Magnet

  • Adjustable Timing

  • Completely Rebuildable

  • Competition Proven

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