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4-40 Safety Lock Kwik-Link 2/pkg

4-40 Safety Lock Kwik-Link 2/pkg

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The Safety Lock Kwik-Link offers everything a modeler could want in a clevis and more. Simply put, it's ingenious, a grand slam!

Safety Lock is mounted in a track system on clevis.

Ideal for upgrading or replacement on A.R.F.'s.
Super strong, super tough. More strength then you'll ever need.
10% lighter than steel clevis'.
Size stamped on safety lock for positive identification.

Made in USA

US PAT# 6,364,566


  • Self tapping, no slop threads.
  • Square shank for easy installation & adjustment.
  • Weight: 1 gram/Safety Lock Kwik Link
  • Brass plated stepped steel pin - no binding on control horns or servo arms.
  • Brass plated steel safety lock slides into groove on pin for a secure and solid lock.
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