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Power Master, 12.3" Wheelbase Body Fits TRX-4 Sport, Enduro

Power Master, 12.3" Wheelbase Body Fits TRX-4 Sport, Enduro

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Jci Power Master, 12.3" Wheelbase

JConcepts introduces a new body to the crawling and scaling enthusiast who appreciates a hard-nose and retro vibe. The Power Master follows along the success of popular shells like the Creep and CreepER styles by the team from Groveland, Florida. The concentration of the platform is for versatile and offering clearance for an abundance of rigs who are in kit form or highly modified for the trails and technical courses. Simply put, you cannot go wrong with a JConcepts body shell from the JC Speed Shop.


The start of the design begins at the grille, a short overhang provides a lot of options in terms of aftermarket bumper options. The V-shaped front-end allows for more tire clearance with minimum overhang for less snags and space for truck geometry and grippy tires. The cab has a real retro vibe, the round shape, front to back and side to side, pay dividends in sketchy terrain or when the truck turns over. The window style has split dividers capturing trucks from yesteryear when venting and structural construction depended on it.

The bed of the truck is clean and free of objects and is perfectly capable of hosting a wide range of platforms and building opportunities. The side of the bed is built up to mock panel construction and rigidity needed in the golden years of truck construction. The rear of the shell also has a short over-hang and is intended to clear more obstacles while not taking away from the look of the vehicle. The trim lines are very tight, the standard is very race-cut featuring high-clearance in the rear and front sections.

Small wheel well flares are built into the design to give structural stability and a seasoned and professional appearance. The Power Master includes window mask, detailed Al’s Welding Shop decal set including miscellaneous JConcepts and Power Master logos. Overspray film is standard on all JConcepts bodies and the entire Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic products. The package is complete and backed with JConcepts customer support and heritage.


  • Powerful Look, Retro Vibe

  • Short Over-Hang Front and Rear To Accommodate Terrain

  • V-Shape Nose For Tire and Steering Clearance

  • Round Cab For Crawling Forgiveness

  • Split Window Styling

  • Flat Bed, Ample Space For An Assortment Of Builds

  • Bed Features Panel Like Construction For Appearance And Durability

  • Small Fender Flares For Clearance And Stability

  • Includes Window Mask And Decals

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