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Quicrun 4268SL 2600KV Black G2 Motor

Quicrun 4268SL 2600KV Black G2 Motor

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The QUICRUN 1/8 SL G2 motor ensures efficient power pairing to avoid overload and damage. Careful wiring is essential, and full throttle should not be applied without a pinion. Additionally, the motor case should never exceed 100 degrees Celsius to keep the magnets effective.

  • 2600KV
  • 3-4s LiPos
  • No load Current (A): 6.1A
  • Diameter/Length: D=42mm (1.65") L=68.4mm (2.69")
  • Shaft Diameter/Length: D=5mm (.2") L=18.5mm (.73")
  • Bearing Size (mm): Front=D16xD5xT5 Rear=D13xD5xT4
  • Four Poles
  • Weight: 417g
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