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XeRun Bandit 17.5T Black G4 Brushless Motor

XeRun Bandit 17.5T Black G4 Brushless Motor

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The XERUN Bandit Brushless Motor G4 - Outlaw Edition is designed for superior performance in all conditions, with a variable Final Drive Ratio tailored to your vehicle's requirements. Test results help to determine the ideal ratio, with recommended values provided to get you started. Enjoy enhanced power and control on the track!

  • 17.5T Turns
  • 2500KV
  • 2-3S Lipos
  • Resistance: .0324?
  • No load Current: 4.35A
  • Max. Output Power: 270W
  • Current @Max Output Power: 34A
  • Diameter/Length: 35.8mm (1.41") L=53.9mm (2.12")
  • Shaft Diameter/Length: 3.175mm (.125") L=14mm (.55")
  • Stock Rotor: 5-13.9x24.1-AUS
  • Bearing Size (mm): Front=D9xD4xT4 Rear=D8xD3xT4
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