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The Gozer, 12.3" Wheelbase Body, Fits TRX-4 Sport, Enduro

The Gozer, 12.3" Wheelbase Body, Fits TRX-4 Sport, Enduro

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When it comes to off-road ruggedness, look no further than the Gozer body for 12.3" wheelbase scale trucks and crawlers. The angular front and rear sections provide major clearance for crawling tires on competition-based rigs. A large arched front wheel-well dead-ends at the grille section, which once covered with included decals, stares you down like a piece of heavy-equipment.

The high-roof design, crisp body lines, front vent, and recessed bed are all incorporated to provide durability. Large windows in the dual cab design provide plenty of clearance for an assortment of body combinations. Large swooping rear wheel wells allow suspension travel to soak up the terrain while the tires are allowed a lot of movement up past the body. Included in each body set is a clear and heavy-duty polycarbonate body, decal sheet, and the paint mask for all windows.

Sold clear. Shown painted for display purposes only.


  • Bold styling and performance core design
  • Direct fit for 12.3" wheelbase trucks
  • Battle tested dual cab design
  • Scale inspired window and windshield design
  • Grille options and logos included on decal sheet
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed decal sheet included
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