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Rotor/Shaft Replacement Kit 1410-3800Kv 5mm

Rotor/Shaft Replacement Kit 1410-3800Kv 5mm

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Overheated your motor? Broke the output shaft? This rotor replacement kit allows you to repair a damaged rotor or shaft. It is easy to replace and contains all of the parts necessary to get your motor back up and running.

This kit works with the sensored 1410 - 3800kv.

This kit has the 5mm output shaft. If you are looking for the 3.2mm version, please see part number 011-0126-00.

If you need a replacement front end bell (shaft side) and bearing, see part number 011-0133-00.

Kit Contains:
Rotor Assembly - qty 1
Brass Spacers - qty 2
Wave Washer - qty 1

Note: This rotor replace is NOT compatible with older sensorless motors. Sensorless motors are easily identifiable by their red, black and white motor wires; sensored motors have all black motor wires.

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