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Rangers-Gold Compound

Rangers-Gold Compound

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1/10 Rangers 2.2” Monster Truck Tires with Inserts, Gold Compound (2)

Key Features

  • Zig/Zag tread with stepped side-wall

  • Popular 2.2" bead diameter

  • Authentic tire lettering with retro JConcepts logo

  • Available in soft "blue" and "medium" gold compounds

  • Includes "React" open cell inserts
  • Monster style and performance


Once upon a time, a tire helped start an entire industry. The 48" tire represented the largest tire added to a pick-up truck during the late 1970's and spawned an entire monster truck craze. The "48's" as a lot of enthusiasts called them, were special and featured a Zig/ Zag tread pattern, deep cleats, and the large overall diameter. The size of the tire, made crushing cars possible and they even made their way into a Hollywood feature film.

In the RC Monster truck world, the "48's" have never been available, until now. JConcepts had multiple goals in mind while designing the new Rangers tire from the ground up. First, in RC, the 2.2" wheel is perhaps the most popular wheel in the industry and using that as a base point, the Rangers tire started to take shape. The popular wheel size also fits around the suspension geometry on a vast assortment of trucks, making it very versatile. Second, there is already a 2.2" class in RC Monster Truck racing so the Rangers drop perfectly into that segment with no need for adjustments or changes to the rules.

Getting the look right was important and JConcepts incorporated a lot of detail into these beauties making
them striking for any project or shelf queen. To build a great looking retro, the Rangers needed to look the
part and thanks to the Zig/Zag tread, scale depth and side-wall lettering, the tire has an unmistakable look.
The included open cell "React" inserts fill the void inside and help stabilize the large contact patch of the
famous looking tires.

The low-profile stance stays very flat during race course competition, speed-runs or general use. The tire
carcass profile holds the weight extremely low while the design of the tire beads allow just the right amount
of contact patch for gluing and application. The Rangers measure in at 5.57 x 2.95 x 2.2" and are available
in two different compounds. The tires are built for the #3380 Midwest 2.2" wheel (available separately)
which bring scale and authenticity to the next level.

The soft "blue" compound which is recommended for dirt, grass and asphalt feels noticeably mushy and
sticky and has expanding characteristics similar to off-road racing outdoor compounds. The "gold"
compound feels harder to the touch and excels on carpet, AstroTurf and polished concrete surfaces and
expands less during high-speeds.

When the monster calls, answer with JConcepts - World Proven Innovation and Design.

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