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P2 - B74.2 Body with Carpet / Turf / Dirt Wing, Light Weight

P2 - B74.2 Body with Carpet / Turf / Dirt Wing, Light Weight

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P2 B74.2 Body with Carpet, Turf, Dirt, Wing Light Weight

The P2 body by JConcepts for the Team Associated B74.2 vehicle is the meanest, nastiest thing out for 1/10th buggy racing.


Throw everything you know out the window, the Punisher 2 separates itself from the rest of the bodies on the market with its distinctive styling. The S2 and F2 body designs have created their own path of success on dirt, carpet, and Astroturf with class leading success, now, the P2, will carve its own.

The P2 is once again, all about performance with riveting details including raised nose / hood, taller cab and rear-end force features. The side-pods are once again JC chamfered to provide that legendary look and the secondary window screams JConcepts styling. The cab drops off quickly and runs deep toward the rear giving plenty of drift to the newly added winglets. The tall, rear fin stabilizer acts as a directional vane to keep the buggy tracking in the proper direction while also maintaining a rigid roofline even with light-weight materials.

The package arrives complete with two Carpet | Turf wings used commonly by the entire JConcepts team. The extended rear wing has a large transitional gurney lip that allows for tuning by simply leaving material or cutting to desired height. The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic products – choose JConcepts.

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