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Krimson Dually 2.6" Dual Truck Wheels w/Adaptors, Covers,

Krimson Dually 2.6" Dual Truck Wheels w/Adaptors, Covers,

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Krimson Dually 2.6 Dual Wheels with Adapters, Black (2)


There is a very blurred line between a Monster Truck and a Mega Truck, however, both pack in so much fun and energy, it’s a natural bond. In the 1980’s it was very common for early Monster Truckers to use dual wheel tires to accomplish what one large Terror Tire could do. With a lot of garage-tech engineering and ingenuity, the dual wheel trucks could crush a car with the best of them while also running a mud pit in the blink of an eye.

JConcepts has designed and produced a very special wheel for builders and drivers wanting to double up on the competition. The 2.6” Krimson Dually is a first of its kind, a purpose built, 2-piece, 12mm hex wheel which fit dual (#3155) Fling King tires to perfection. Like the originals, the wheel is 2-piece which accomplishes many things in the process. The use of an inner and outer wheel allows ease of build and gluing of the tires while aligning and perfecting the ultimate mud tire combination.

The wheels interlock, like a tongue and groove concept that key together and provide rock-solid alignment and forward drive. For a scale look and clamping force, a long screw is built from the inside, clamping the wheels together like the scale counterparts they were designed after. Like other monster wheels by JConcepts, a bolt-in hub adaptor was created to match a huge variety of trucks while also offering different overall widths to choose from. The bead of the wheel features a 3-step surface which provides a massive amount of area for glue to rest giving the utmost security for full-throttle mud runs.

The Dually wheel includes an incredible, three, off-set 12mm wheel adaptors. 11mm width is included for a stock Clod Buster or retro type Monster Truck width, 18mm for increased stability on vehicles such as the Stampede, Stampede 4x4, Rustler, Slash 4x4. The 25mm adaptor works well for monster and mega truck racing. The adaptors are installed with 6 x 2.5 x 12mm screws and centers precisely on the wheel for positive engagement.

The Krimson Dually wheels are available in white, black, gray | silver and olive | gold and feature a slight matte finish. The wheels also include open and closed planetary cap covers to completely mimic the looks and stance of the heavy trucks from the golden age of Monsters and Mega truck competitions. Double-up with the ultimate in looks, performance and versatility with the 2.6" Krimson Dually wheels by JConcepts – World Proven Innovation and Design.

Key Features

  • Two-piece, 2.6” mounting bead diameter

  • Interlocking, tongue and groove concept

  • Durable, stepped design and material

  • 3 step bead surface for massive glue security

  • Includes multiple off-set wheel adaptors

  • Complete installation hardware

  • Mega style and performance

Build Notes

  • Bolt in preferred 12mm wheel hex adaptor to suit the overall width for the build. (This can be changed later)

  • Glue one Fling King tire to the inside wheel making note that the tire is resting into the proper beads.

  • Align outer wheel to the inner wheel and test fit the outer tire on the bead area. Align the tire so the tire tread pattern aligns to the glued inside wheel.

  • Pull the outer wheel off and leave the tire in place and glue as normal to the wheel.

  • Key the outer and inner wheel together once again and use the included long SHCS in a circular fashion to bolt the assembly together.

  • Bolt tire | wheel combination to the vehicle, install either the open or closed planetary cover and its ready to rock and roll.

Application and content notes

  • Includes multiple off-set wheel adaptors

  • Closed and open planetary caps included

  • Available in white, black, gray | silver and olive | gold colors

  • Direct fit for the Axial SMT10 Monster Truck kits

  • Direct fit for the Clod Buster and similar

  • Fits many 12mm hex scale truck applications

  • Fits Traxxas Stampede | Stampede 4x4 | Slash 4x4 | Rustler | Rustler 4x4

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