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Skywalker 2320 SL 1100KV Motor

Skywalker 2320 SL 1100KV Motor

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The 2320 fixed-wing motors offer significantly increased peak power capabilities and the option to add propellers for improved torque output.
The Skywalker 2300 series motors offer an output up to 10% greater than other motors of comparable specs.
The 2300 series motors feature an impressive production and assembly dynamic balance technology along with premium bearings and CNC machining for unparalleled precision. This technology reduces the rotor's dynamic balance and eliminates motor vibration for a quieter operation.
An anti-loosen rotor design provides increased reliability: A copper pad and retainer spring are affixed to the core of the rotor shaft, and a sleeve is added to support the structure and prevent loosening.
The heat-extraction abilities of the motor are boosted by a large hollow design and the top cover's self-cooling configuration, ensuring the longevity of the motor's parts.
Top branded JNEH1200 silicon steel sheet, 0.2mm thick material, provides lower iron loss. N48 strong magnetic arc magnetic steel design provides maximum torque output for the motor. 180 high temperature resistant enameled wire, enhances the high temperature resistance of the stator coil. Silicone wire outlet, which is softer and easier to route than the traditional straight outlet silicone wire.

Experience Superior Vibration Control & smooth operation.

High power, strong performance

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