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Xerun DRX 3652SD Motor, 8500KV

Xerun DRX 3652SD Motor, 8500KV

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Enhance your RC car's performance with the XeRun DRX 3652 sensored motor. With careful power pairing and wiring, this motor provides powerful and precise control without the risk of overloading or damage. Feel confident and in control with this high-quality motor designed for optimal performance.

  • 1x Xerun DRX 3652SD motor
  • 2x sensor wires (80mm / 120mm) - TBD
  • 1x pinion gear
  • 1 set of factory premium grade wires

  • Ultra high rpm, super power, specially designed for Drag Racing.
  • The motor case and end cover are of big opening structure, providing the best heat dissipation effect for the motor.
  • Dual sensor interface design to meet various wiring/layout requirements.
  • Widened and thickened copper bar design provides guarantee for large current application.
  • The rotor adopts steel sleeve explosion-proof design, which withstand ultra-high rpm running conditions.
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