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GTXL-6 Kingcab Painted Truck Body (Black/Orange)

GTXL-6 Kingcab Painted Truck Body (Black/Orange)

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Get the latest look of the best Savage XL FLUX ever! It's more aggressive, more brutal, but best of all it's super easy to install, either as a replacement for a war-torn GTXL-6 body or a new look for an older Savage (See below for required wheel & tire tweaks)

This body is a replacement for 160103 - Savage XL Flux V2 GTXL-6
It comes pre-painted and trimmed, but without the engine hole cut out so you can choose to use this body for Nitro or Flux. Just cut the engine hole out to use with Nitro.
Decals are included but not applied, so you can chose between the Nitro or Flux decals.

The pictures show the #160108 - GT-6 Body Accessory Set fitted which is not included with the bodyshell set and must be purchased separately.

Note: This body is wide. It works best with 3.8" Wheels and Tires, however, if you would rather use a different size wheel such as the original Savage 3.2" or the oversize 4.5" wheels, you can use the extended XL Wheel Axles to make sure the body does not rub on the wheels.

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