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7.5T Phoenix Modified Motor

7.5T Phoenix Modified Motor

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Team Exalt introduces its 1/10 Competition Brushless Motor Line. The "Phoenix" offers a brand new, ground up, stator design that was designed with speed, durability, and efficiency all factored in, along with Perfect Stator placement optimizing the performance of this line. From Top to bottom this can features 7075 Aluminum CNC machined two piece can design, not only has a durable design but Aesthetically still providing the bling factor everyone is looking for. With tons of ventilation helping with heat dissipation along with a heat sink style collector providing you the confidence that your motor is staying cool in even the hottest conditions.

  • New 90 Degree Solder tabs
  • Infinite timing adjustment
  • Rebuildable design for easy routine maintenance prolonging motor life
  • High purity copper windings
  • Ultra-Rare earth magnets for heat resistance and increased longevity
  • Precision ball bearings
  • High-Strength and Heat Resistant Magnet Formula
  • EXAM2402 Rotor Included
  • High heat resistant pure copper wire
  • Thermal Epoxy Filled Stator for maximum thermal dissipation.
  • Replaceable Sensor Board
  • High RPM Precision Bearings
  • Roar Approved
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