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HPI Racing

Center Bulkhead Brace (Woven Graphite/2mm/WR8 3.0)

Center Bulkhead Brace (Woven Graphite/2mm/WR8 3.0)

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WR8, BULLET NITRO SERIES, Light Weight and High Rigidity.

Make your WR8 light and lean with these performance-oriented woven graphite option parts! Replacing the stock aluminium center bulkead brace with this woven graphite option is a great way to customize the look of your WR8 3.0. You'll also lighten the weight of your car as well as increase its overall rigidity, giving you extra performance and an edge on the competition.

Please note: Will only fit the Bullet 3.0 if using smaller spur gear.

Use the complete range of woven graphite parts for your WR8 Flux to make it a race-ready rally car!

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