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Battery Mounting Set

Battery Mounting Set

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Battery Mounting Set

This Battery Mounting Set is a direct replacement for your kit items and will provide a safe and secure location for your chosen batteries.


  • Tough composite material for long-lasting durability in all conditions

  • Two different thickness high profile front battery spacers add protection for your batteries

  • Battery strap buckles feature integrated clips for battery wire management

  • Two long hook-and-loop straps provide a secure fit for your batteries

  • Front and rear battery spacers allow chassis to be tuned to different length batteries

  • Under-battery foam pad for added security of battery


2 x Long Battery Strap with Buckle

1 x Rear Battery Spacer (A)

1 x Rear Battery Spacer (B)

1 x Rear Battery Spacer Nut

1 x Front Battery Spacer (Thin)

1 x Front Battery Spacer (Thick)

1 x Under-Battery Foam Pad

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