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Attack 9mm 4-LED Square Wafer Green

Attack 9mm 4-LED Square Wafer Green

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MyTrickRC's SQ4 Attack Wafer LEDs are high brightness lights for your scale vehicle. The super bright LEDs on the SQ4 Attack Wafer LED are carefully chosen for optimum brightness, performance, and durability. The smartly designed SQ4 LED can be used with any MyTrickRC controller, however, to get maximum brightness, power them from a DG-1 Dragon Controller, or one of the Light Bar Power Regulators. When powering off a DG-1 Dragon, plug them into the black ports, just like a light bar, then you will have 3-Level brightness control. This is ideal for taking pictures, and when crawling, crank them up to FULL BRIGHTNESS for an awesome explosion of light on the trail.

Each wafer includes a double sided mounting sticker for mounting to a flat surface, which is perfect for mounting to 3D printed brackets, body panels, etc. The thoughtful design of the SQ4 Attack Wafer LED means they can be used for many applications such as headlights, light bars, tail lights, under-glow and more.

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