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1/128 Scale U.S. Space Missiles 36 Missiles

1/128 Scale U.S. Space Missiles 36 Missiles

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U.S. Space Missiles 36 Missiles


1/128 Scale. Includes 36 missiles with display base, detailed instructions, and Authentic Decals. Also includes the Know Your Missiles educational booklet with pictures and history of the missiles. Bottom of box can be used as a display for your missiles. Over the years the US military forces have been armed with a wide variety of missiles. From the air-to-air Sidewinder to the towering Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, unmanned rockets of countless shapes and sizes have been developed to meet any strategic commitment. This kit includes parts to assemble a 1/128 scale display of 36 missiles used by the US Army, Navy and Air Force during the 1960s. It includes a display base with the name of each missile molded in position, two scale figures, and a decal sheet with authentic markings. Kit may be painted to match photos on the box. Cement and paint are not included.

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