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Atlantis Models

Atlantis Models - Wyatt Earp 1/8 Scale Figure

Atlantis Models - Wyatt Earp 1/8 Scale Figure

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1/8 Wyatt Earp Figure

1/8 Scale. This kit comes from the Pyro Tooling. Comes packaged in the classic Aurora style long box. Stands over 9 inches tall!

About your US Marshal

The office of United States Marshal was created by the First Congress. President George Washington signed the Judiciary Act into law on September 24, 1789. During the settlement of the American Frontier, marshals served as the main source of day-to-day law enforcement in areas that had no local government of their own. From the nation's earliest days, Marshals were permitted to recruit special Deputies as local hires. Marshals were also authorized to swear in a posse to assist with manhunts, and other duties. Individual Deputy Marshals have been seen as legendary heroes in the face of frontier rampant lawlessness such as Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Dallas Stoudenmire, and Bass Reeves. Your model of the US Marshal is based on these Old West examples.

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